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It is time for you as a woman to feel nourished, sensual and powerful in your feminine energy.

Shakti Yoga is a ritual feminine yoga and embodiment practice designed specifically for the female body, founded by Jasmine Rose.

We will have the opportunity to gather in circle in a sacred space and immerse in movement practices that invoke your natural freedom, nourish your senses, unravel tensions from the body, liberate and harness the energy of your emotions⁣, and soften into the heart and womb, accessing your deep inner knowing and creating radiance.

This practice includes groundedness through self touch and slow organic movements, honouring the female body as sacred and channelling the Shakti- the  sexual creative life force within – for healing, transformation,more vitality and creativity.

SHAKTI ACTIVATION workshop is an embodied journey  to enliven your feminine energy and activate your power from deep in your body as you attune to your body wisdom and connect with your womb and heart space.

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birthday celebrations, and retreats.

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